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Croasdales is a small group of independent pharmacies based in Bury St Edmunds offering a wide range of medical related services to the local community.

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Carried out by a fully trained member of staff in a private consultation room. U.S. FDA & EC Compliant, trusted by more retailers, jewellers and physicians than any other system in the world and the safest ear piercing guaranteed! Starting from just £15!

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Mark Cator is a footcare specialist taking appointments Monday to Saturday. He covers Hard skin removal, Corn removal, Verruca treatment and Nail cutting.

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Valarie Halbinger at Croasdales. As a counselling Psychologist, I aim to help people with difficulties bring out change for the better. Emotional difficulties are very common and yet few seek treatment because of the stigma or fear of what will happen. However, I am a very approachable person, open minded and non-judgemental and would like to reassure you that you dictate what we say or do under the strictest of confidence.

Valerie undertook a BSc Hons in Psychology, which she studied with the Open University, later spending a year at UEA studying for a Counselling Certificate. Following this, she spent three years studying for a MSc in Counselling Psychology and her Postgraduate Practitioner Diploma in Counselling Psychology at the London Metropolitan University.  During these years she studied among other things: Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, Pharmacology; and various different therapeutic perspectives in order to offer a comprehensive service to clients with differing problems.

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  • Diabetes Testing 

  • Cholesterol Testing 

  • Blood Pressure Testing 

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Food Intolerance Testing 

  • Healthy Living Advice

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Medicine Use Report (MURs)

  • New Medicine Service (NMS)

  • Medicine Disposal 

  • Needle Exchange

  • Sharps Bin Disposal

  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception 

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccinations 

  • Holiday Healthcare 

  • Chlamydia Testing



Our pharmacist at Croasdales Mountpharm is fully trained to administer travel vaccinations of all types and prescribe antimalarial medication. 

If you are unsure if you require vaccinations prior to travelling please contact us, providing us with your destination and travel dates, our pharmacist will be happy to help you. 

- Comprehensive travel vaccinations

- Antimalarials

- Altitude sickness

- Insect repellents

- Jet lag

- Period delay

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Robert Cousins is a professional acupuncturist practicing at Croasdales. He has a BSc Hons degree in Oriental Medicine, certification in Swedish massage and is a member of The British Acupuncture Council.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard


Chiropractic is a straight forward method of adjusting bones of your body to maintain the correct alignment of your spine. It seeks to eliminate the cause and not just the symptoms.

Chiropractic works by helping your body heal itself.


The control of your body's self healing ability is controlled by your nervous system via the brain and spinal cord. Misalignment or improper motion of the bones of your spine is called subluxations. - this can result in interference of important information exchange, normally conveyed by the nerves. Specific spinal adjustments improve the nerve communications by correcting specific subluxations.


At Suffolk chiropractic, gentle forms of treatment are used and these include McTimoney and Activator techniques. The key to success is the speed and accuracy of the adjustments. Both McTimoney and Activator techniques treat the body as a whole, meaning that treatments are not purely focused around the area where you have symptoms

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Debbie Greenslade offers a range of homeopathic treatments and nutritional advice


An individual, holistic approach is given in each consultation, together with lifestyle and nutritional advice. This ensures that you gain maximum benefit from each treatment and reach an optimum level of health where treatment is no longer necessary.


Here are just a few of the conditions we successfully treat:

• Allergies, asthma and hay fever

• Anxiety, insomnia and low self-esteem

• Depression and grief

• Infertility and recurring miscarriage

• Infant complaints such as eczema, colic, recurring colds and coughs

• Childhood illness like tonsillitis, otitis media and headaches

• Hormonal imbalances, PMS and menopausal symptoms

• Pregnancy and childbirth support

• Verruca's and molluscum

Image by How-Soon Ngu


Tandi Gredley offers reflexology at Croasdales. Reflexology may help relieve the symptoms associated with migraine, sinus congestion, joint pain, fertility, stress and anxiety, hormone imbalances, sleep disorders, pregnancy, sciatica, stress-related digestive disorders, back pain and fatigue.  As it helps the body to naturally maintain balance, this therapy is thought to help prevent problems from emerging.


Check My Hearing - The Lead Audiologist has over 10 years experience of Hearing tests and Ear wax removal in the private and public sector. 


Mr Joshua Knight aims to professionally diagnose any hearing concerns and prides himself on providing you with the best support and clinical advice necessary to find the most suitable solution for you.


Check My Hearing is an independent company which means we are not tied to, or owned by any manufacturer. Offering all Hearing Aids from every manufacturer in the world. To enquire about our services or book an appointment please call or book online today via the website - 


Based in Croasdales Pharmacy

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.


Piers Day (Suffolk Hypnotherapy) initially trained at The Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy. Since has trained with some of the worlds leading Therapeutic Teachers in many differing approaches of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), for example, Analytical (Hypno - Analysis), Ericksonian , goal-orientated NLP, Guided Affective Imagery, Suggestion therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


He is a registered HypnoBirthing® Practitioner for pain free and natural birth, Critical Incident Debriefing (Post Trauma Therapy) and a Registered IBS expert. Associations and Societies are an important part of Piers' ethical approach to life. He subscribes to the various code of ethics to ensure client confidentiality, best practice rules and regulations (copies available on request).

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