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Before 1837 our predecessors were classified as a general store. It was from this date that the sale of medicine commenced.


In 1921 Mr. Croasdale senior MPS bought the business and in 1927 his son, J.A. Croasdale, moved the business to the current site.


As J.A. Croasdale was such a well known and highly respected gentleman we maintained the family name.


Alterations enlarging the business to include the old butchers shop of Winton Smith in took place in1969 when the present facia was erected.

As a natural extension to the business cosmetics, jewellery, handbags, scarves and gloves were first sold in 1971. Further development and expansion including footware, alternative medicines, luggage solutions, and a health clinic established Croasdales as one of the longest-running retailers in the town. We have been maintaining the family tradition for almost 100 years.


We have the population of the town of Bury St. Edmunds to thank for the companies longevity, your loyalty and support is what made it possible.

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