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Croasdales can deliver any items stocked including medicines, prescription medication, toiletries and disabled aids directly to your home.


We endeavour to deliver the next working day excluding Saturdays and Sundays. To order your prescriptions please fill in the form on the prescriptions page. If you require any other items delivered please use the contact page to email a request.


Delivery Charge


We offer two payment options;


1. £2.00 per delivery, paid either over the phone or direct to our delivery driver.

Due to logistical reasons, we cannot be held responsible for ensuring that members of the same household receive their prescriptions in one delivery. If your families prescriptions have been received from the surgery at the same time, the items are in stock at the pharmacy and are ready to be delivered in one trip, you will only be charged one delivery fee, we will continue to do our utmost to deliver in as few journeys as possible. However, if prescriptions are not available to be delivered in one trip, you will be required to pay two delivery charges.


2. Annual subscription charge of £24.00 per person yearly. This covers you for up to three deliveries per month. 

This payment option will cover you for emergency or unexpected deliveries up to three times a month, which is equivalent to 36 deliveries per year.


Why do I need to pay an annual delivery subscription for myself and my partner when we live at the same address?


We had to make the decision that it was not fair to charge new patients alone, to cover the cost of deliveries for all of our patients.


For many years now we have been doing our best to coordinate patients prescriptions with surgeries to minimise the number of journeys our drivers need to make to households. However, due to surgery policies, this has proven near on impossible to do. We also then encounter problems with stock shortages, restrictions and quotas which would mean certain prescriptions are not always available to be delivered straight away.


On a daily basis, we are delivering to over 300 addresses. We are now seeing a huge increase in these numbers.


Unfortunately because of these huge numbers we are not in the position to be able to contact surgeries to see if they would be happy to sync patient requests. We are also not in the position to be able to hold back packages to be delivered in one go, as we do not have the space to do so. Logistically this would not be possible. We are working tirelessly to continue to provide this service to our patients which has forced us to make this move to cover all patients using our delivery service.


As such we have been forced to implement the delivery charge per person. We hope you can support us going forward.

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