Homeopathic treatment and nutritional advice



At the Bury Homeopathic Practice we offer a range of homeopathic treatments and nutritional advice


An individual, holistic approach is given in each consultation, together with lifestyle and nutritional advice. This ensures that you gain maximum benefit from each treatment and reach an optimum level of health where treatment is no longer necessary.


Here are just a few of the conditions we successfully treat:


• Allergies, asthma and hay fever


• Anxiety, insomnia and low self-esteem


• Depression and grief


• Infertility and recurring miscarriage


• Infant complaints such as eczema, colic, recurring colds and coughs


• Childhood illness like tonsillitis, otitis media and headaches


• Hormonal imbalances, PMS and menopausal symptoms


• Pregnancy and childbirth support


• Verruca's and molluscum








Debbie Greenslade RSHom