Counselling Psychology

Psychology is the study of people and how they react and interact, their behaviours, thoughts, feeling and motivations underlying their behaviour. As a counseling Psychologist, I aim to help people with difficulties bring out change for the better. Emotional difficulties are very common and yet few seek treatment because of the stigma or fear of what will happen. However, I am a very approachable person, open minded and non-judgemental and would like to reassure you that you dictate what we say or do under the strictest of confidence.

A bit about Valerie, she was born in Suffolk.  As a psychologist she was required to undertake a

BSc Hons in Psychology which she studied with the Open University.


She then spent a year at the University of  East Anglia studying for a Counselling Certificate.  Following this, she spent 3 years studying for a MSc in Counselling Psychology and her Postgraduate Practitioner Diploma in CounsellingPsychology at the London Metropolitan University.  During these years she studied among other things:  Developmental Psychology;Social Psychology; Neuropsychology; Pharmacology; and various different therapeutic perspectives in order to offer a comprehensive service to clients with differing problems.


Alongside this, as part of her courses it was necessary to undertake clinical training.  She undertook this training for the Ministry of Defence at Community Psychiatric Unit at Colchester Barracks, at the Forensic Department of St Clements Hospital Ipswich and finally within a Community Mental Health Team with Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Mental HealthTrust.


Alongside private practice she works for Norfolk NHS Trust and as a Co-ordinator of Training for new Counselling Psychologist trainees.


Valerie Halbinger

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